History of Delta Children Stroller & Evenflo Stroller

History of Delta Children Stroller & Evenflo Stroller

Delta Children Stroller

Delta Children is a manufacturer that offers a wide variety of juvenile products. They provide nursery furniture, kids furniture, baby gears like strollers, bassinets, High Chairs, Play yards, Walkers, and Baby Monitors, even Fashion for Pets. This company was started in 1954 by Louis Shamie, a gifted handyman that also has a great sense of style. Louis had an idea of creating children’s products after his first son was born. He started creating furniture for his newborn son and realized he could create great products, he formed Delta Children and started creating the products commercially. The company became incorporated in 1967.Since then Delta Children’s products became even much better with a lot more varieties.

The company has grown to become a manufacturer that offers baby products with the finest quality.

Delta kept on creating new products with original ideas with a mission to provide products for baby’s comfort. Louis started this business by creating furniture for his baby, so he really involved his heart in his works, and it really shows on Delta Children’s products.When his first grandchild was born in 1984, Louis came up with even more great ideas for baby furniture. That year he patented a crib that can be assembled in three minutes without the aid of tools, hooks or screws. It was a revolutionary product that no manufacturers could offer before, and that made Delta Children move a few steps ahead from their competitors.Today Delta Children is led by Louis Shamie’s sons, Sam and Joseph. They continue their father’s work designing and producing baby products that offer high quality, safety, and affordability. Delta Children’s products have been marketed worldwide and have been used by millions of families everywhere.

Evenflo Stroller

Evenflo is a trusted name in the baby products industry that has been providing high quality baby care products for almost 100 years. Formed in Ohio in 1920, Evenflo strived to provide original American baby products for the local and global market. They carry a mission to help enrich and protect families by manufacturing quality products with high safety standards while maintaining social responsibility from pricing structures to recycling and waste management. Today they have become a worldwide leader in developing innovative infant equipment and they keep on working to broaden their market by improving the variety of their products. This company started out as a manufacturer of baby care products, but now they carry more variety of products for children from birth to the age of pre-school, including car seats, travel systems, strollers, playards, high chairs, gates, soft carriers, multi-use cart cover, saucers, jumpers, doorway jumpers, best baby push walker and baby gates besides their already well-known baby feeding products.

They offer more products while keep improving their quality and safety standards, so what used to be a small company now has become a dynamic enterprise with sales offices throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico, and the Philippines.

Evenflo is a company that was formed and run by parents, so they know exactly what people would expect from baby products they buy, also they really know the importance of product safety, so they only build products that they can trust to be used for their own children. Every product they create will go through a bunch of rigorous testing to make sure it’s comfortable, durable, and most importantly safe for children. They move beyond government standards in terms of safety, for example, their car seats have to go through the federal crash test standard twice before released to the market. While durability and functionality remain as their quality standards, safety is still their number one priority.

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