What is Chinese Massage?

Chinese Massage is the name of a family of massage therapies that is performed in Traditional Chinese Medicine. In TCM, massage is considered as one of the most significant treatment modalities, along with nutritional therapy, herbal medicine and therapeutic exercise. Massages started to appear as a component of Chinese medical treatment about 4,000 years ago. Since then, it developed along with therapeutic exercise (also known as qigong) and acupuncture.

These massage techniques are highly associated to the philosophical belief system that plays essential role in traditional Chinese medicine. Several concepts that are significant in perceiving all the main forms of Chinese massage which are qi, jing luo, xue and jin.

Qi, can be simply known as “breath” or “air”, is the most elementary life energy that animates the universe and human beings.  Jing luo are the channels that connect the body’s organism with the outside environment as well as within themselves. When the jing luo is clogged, qi and blood cannot regulate inside the body, thereby, the person will suffer from physical pain. Xue are those places on the body where qi seem to gather and can be controlled. And they are linked together through the meridians. Lastly, the flow of qi can be affected by those soft tissues and joints which are jin.

What are types of Chinese Massage?

  1. Tui na Massage

Tui na massage whose simple name is “lift and press” massage, requires the manipulated utilization of deep and persistently moving compress, repetitively. A therapist address this type of massage may require the same time on one of patient’s part of body as a Western therapist will take to massage the full body. Tui na is adopted in a lot of situations that would demand a team of therapists who are specialized in one major only to general techniques that anybody can learn how to perform. And its benefits are to treat diseases of the intestine organism, pull muscles, arthritis and lower back pain as well. In more words, lavender oil is one of the common essential oil that is used for massage.

  1. Pediatric massage

Chinese pediatric is tui na massage for infant and children below 12 years old. Those techniques are performed in Chinese pediatric massage might be different from those in Tui na Massage because it is believed that children’s energy system are exceptional. A massage oil will be required and it would take shorter time to complete one session (about 15 – 20 minutes). This Chinese pediatric massage is to treat those diseases such as asthma, nightmares, colic, constipation, nausea and the common flu. These techniques do not require expert skill so parents can learn some techniques that may be useful to perform as a backup health care plan for their children.

  1. Dian xue massage ( which is known as acupressure)

Dian xue, simply means point press, might sound familiar to other people as acupressure. Acupoints on the body is simply considered as acupuncture, however, the compress of the fingers will be the major player whereas the needles is less important. Dian xue massage is used to regulate two distinguished acupoints. The therapist will use each of his hand to press on the acupoints whereas the area between 2 points will be stretched or contorted to increase the stream of qi.

  1. An mo massage

An mo massage is known to be one of the most effective massage that can be used for maintaining healthy body and retaining vitality. It can be home remedy or it can be used in martial arts as well as athletic training. An mo massage includes yang techniques to neutralize stagnant qi while trigger its stream in the same time and yin techniques to soothe the pain and calm the body.


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