Five basics solution to stop overeating

All the time we are exposed to all kinds of foods that become a big problem if we are looking to lose weight. It is a kind of struggle between junk foods or fast foods at our fingertips and our desire to lose weight. There are certain tricks to lose weight fast as well as certain keys to lose weight that can help us in this fight that involves and faces our impetus to our bad habits and to what is more comfortable.

On several occasions, here at live health, we have given you all kinds of diets for weight loss and exercises, which is always the best option. But to give you that boost you need and start from scratch, today we offer you five natural solutions to stop overeating, the first step to lose weight.

Five basics solution to stop overeating

Five basics solution to stop overeating

Eat slowly

I decided to put this point first because it is simply one of the most important to take into account to stop eating excessively, and that many times we overlook. Whether for a specific routine or our setbacks, eating often takes less than 10 minutes.

This is the serious problem, my friends. It takes about 10-15 minutes for the brain to properly conceive and record that we have fed and to give the body the signal that we are full, that we are already full. So the slower you feed, the less excessive the amounts. A good tip is not to give more than two puffs per minute and also talk to someone during the meal. In this way, you will be giving the brain enough time to work on your appetite.

Reduce food in the face of stress

Although you may not have noticed how you feed while you are experiencing a period of stress, you do it too exaggeratedly. Faced with these factors and certain stressful situations, such as in the workplace, there is a tendency to overeat. To avoid this, a good tip to keep in mind is to eliminate all meals from areas where you feel stress. Continuing with our example, try to remove all the sweets, sweets and all the foods that you find in your office or your work space.

Stand firm while shopping

Whether in the supermarket or in the restaurant or in any store of the many that offer food to our person, you must be firm and determined to know which foods to choose and which not.

Tip: You should make a list of the stuff you will need before going shopping, be cautious, do not let yourself be taken by appearances and try to go always after you have satisfied your appetite. It also tries to delay little inside the store. Food and especially the most harmful to the diet, are arranged in the premises in a particular way in which they seek to improve-concentration-stay-focusĀ capture your attention immediately and provoke in you the need to purchase. You must be strong!

Small meals and snacks

Eating properly means the three meals a day, that’s a fact. On the other hand, not necessarily our dishes have to overeat and must have a reasonable size.

Eating little often works much more efficiently than eating a lot in just three meals. It is very important that you never feel hungry, but you must be very careful about what elements you use for it. It is best to eat fruits, vegetables, and cereals. One of the best examples is apples, and you can eat one every two hours if you want, without affecting the diet.

Learn to recognize your appetite

Feeling hungry, wanting to eat and having an appetite always presents different levels and you must learn to distinguish when you are really feeling hungry and when you simply feel like eating something.

Do not be capricious, as we saw you can eat every two hours but depending on what. By learning to recognize our appetite we will know what to choose and when to eat, so it is very important to know when we are really hungry.





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