No secret exactly in regular exercise

No secret exactly in regular exercise

More than once – and whoever reads me in a simple life already knows – I insist on the fact that the human being is eminently emotional. As much as we want – well, I do not want to – we love the idea of ​​controlling everything and applying reason to each of our acts in order to obtain certain results. But in reality, what makes us happy is how we feel when doing an activity, especially during the activity, and not after. As says, happiness is on the threshold of happiness.

On the other hand, our society is based on individual productivity, with what we have and have become more machines to work than in living beings. What matters here are the numbers. How much do I charge, how much do I spend, how much do I produce, how much do I pay, how much do I do, how much do I do … In principle, one of the objectives of practicing sport is to compensate and to distance ourselves from that tendency.

But where was that “I do sport to disconnect; I free my mind; I forget work; change of pace,…”. Silly stuff! You buy a GPS, a stopwatch and a heart rate monitor, or else a cell phone bigger than a mobile to carry it while you run and monitor your running performance. Average speed, top speed, distance, time, etc. Statistics and more statistics. Even programs that synchronize your gadgets with your computer say “Okay, you ran faster than two days ago,” but also “Uncle, fatal. What’s wrong? You’ve gone slower today. “Come on, something like your boss. Are you sure you can disconnect?

No way! You still do the same. You continue confusing enjoying with produce. And it’s no secret: if you keep doing the same, what will you get? Exactly the same.

Besides not breaking with your usual way of life, usually the work, you self-generate more pressure. And the pressure, far from being a motivating factor, always ends at the same point: overwhelm, anxiety, frustration, etc. On top of putting up with your boss paying your bad mood with you or transferring the demands of your superiors to your inferiors – that is, to you -, you go and demand more results, less time, more speed, better recovery. You are not a machine!

And satisfaction? I do not see satisfaction in many people. Putting the marathon as an example, I only see satisfaction in beginners and in those who do not wear chrono-and that it is clear that I consider the marathon to be a barbarity for anyone, something unhealthy. When they cross the finish line, I see tears in my eyes, not only because of fatigue, but also because I have completed the race once more. That is, in a way, satisfaction. But in the rest … they cross the finish line and just look at the timing. The face can change radically simply by having finished 3 seconds above or below its last mark. Is not it a pity? If you simply do it for your well-being, should not you always end up content regardless of time?





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