No secret exactly in regular exercise

No secret exactly in regular exercise

More than once – and whoever reads me in a simple life already knows – I insist on the fact that the human being is eminently emotional. As much as we want – well, I do not want to – we love the idea of ​​controlling everything and applying reason to each of our acts in order to obtain certain results. But in reality, what makes us happy is how we feel when doing an activity, especially during the activity, and not after. As says, happiness is on the threshold of happiness.

On the other hand, our society is based on individual productivity, with what we have and have become more machines to work than in living beings. What matters here are the numbers. How much do I charge, how much do I spend, how much do I produce, how much do I pay, how much do I do, how much do I do … In principle, one of the objectives of practicing sport is to compensate and to distance ourselves from that tendency.

But where was that “I do sport to disconnect; I free my mind; I forget work; change of pace,…”. Silly stuff! You buy a GPS, a stopwatch and a heart rate monitor, or else a cell phone bigger than a mobile to carry it while you run and monitor your running performance. Average speed, top speed, distance, time, etc. Statistics and more statistics. Even programs that synchronize your gadgets with your computer say “Okay, you ran faster than two days ago,” but also “Uncle, fatal. What’s wrong? You’ve gone slower today. “Come on, something like your boss. Are you sure you can disconnect?

No way! You still do the same. You continue confusing enjoying with produce. And it’s no secret: if you keep doing the same, what will you get? Exactly the same.

Besides not breaking with your usual way of life, usually the work, you self-generate more pressure. And the pressure, far from being a motivating factor, always ends at the same point: overwhelm, anxiety, frustration, etc. On top of putting up with your boss paying your bad mood with you or transferring the demands of your superiors to your inferiors – that is, to you -, you go and demand more results, less time, more speed, better recovery. You are not a machine!

And satisfaction? I do not see satisfaction in many people. Putting the marathon as an example, I only see satisfaction in beginners and in those who do not wear chrono-and that it is clear that I consider the marathon to be a barbarity for anyone, something unhealthy. When they cross the finish line, I see tears in my eyes, not only because of fatigue, but also because I have completed the race once more. That is, in a way, satisfaction. But in the rest … they cross the finish line and just look at the timing. The face can change radically simply by having finished 3 seconds above or below its last mark. Is not it a pity? If you simply do it for your well-being, should not you always end up content regardless of time?





Easy Way To Choose A Rifle Scope

Rifle Scope

Choosing a rifle scope is as essential  as selecting a rifle or a weapon. This is due to the fact that it is a must have device for all shooters or gun lovers. It easily changes the typical iron sights with excellent performance.

On this note, the iron sights have actually come to be much less usual. Shooting with rifle scope usually permits you to plainly see as well as intend your targets much more exactly.

However, there are a huge number of rifle scopes offered on the market today with various features and also requirements, so it is simple to be bewildered by them.

Depending upon your desired rifle usage, this area will certainly assist to take a look at the important things you need to think about before you go ahead as well as choose a rifle scope.

Type of Rifle Scope

There are different kinds of rifle scope which are usually put in two groups; the variable as well as fixed rifle scope. The variable scopes are much more common as well as better in magnification of the target.

This is due to the fact that you can readjust the magnification on variable rifle scopes. The fixed scopes on the other hand are just suggested for sure kinds of guns due to the fact that you can not readjust the optical magnification.


Before going on to spend for a rifle scope, you would certainly wish to discover how much magnification it has as well as if it equals to what you require. The magnification level of the rifle scope will certainly identify its efficiency.

It is true that many gun lovers will certainly choose higher magnification. However, it is extremely important to keep in mind that lower magnifications (4x or 6x) are smaller sized and will certainly permit faster and also much more exact shooting whereas higher magnifications (10x or 16x and also above will be larger, costly, hard to make use of from in need of support settings yet will certainly enable wonderful target resolution.

Therefore, you need to think about the functions that are more vital to you.


The size of the lens must also be thoroughly considered when getting a rifle scope. An excellent objective lens will certainly make up brighter and also clearer images your target.

Hence, you might have an excellent magnification scope, however you also need a good lens if you wish to see your target plainly.

A huge objective lens is much better to accomplish optimal brightness as well as quality. However, large lenses are larger than tiny ones and also can impact the balance of your rifle.

Twilight factor

The twilight factor is the dimension of the performance of the rifle scope in reduced light conditions. Understanding that the hunting  prime-time shows are early in the early morning and also at nights, these times are connected with reduced light.

If you’re obtaining a best rifle scope for the money  for your hunt, you need to  think about consideration the twilight factor as this will certainly make sure the performance of your rifle scope.A great rifle scope need to be able to function efficiently also in reduced LIGHT conditions.

Therefore, the larger the twilight factor, the much more useful the scope will certainly remain in twilight conditions.

Your Budget

After identifying the features you require, the following thing is to discover a best air rifle scope that suits your budget plan. Today the scope market is huge as well as very competitive so you can have different choices and also rates.

I recommend you budget plan at least 200 dollars for a scope with optimal performance in regards to magnification, lens and also advanced features such as reticle illumination.

Various other things to keep in mind are the reticle, scope adjustment and also the parallax. These functions are all really essential to the correct functioning of the rifle scope and also therefore it’s efficiency. Ultimately, the scope you choose will depend upon your shooting needs and also individual choice.




What is Chinese Massage?

Chinese Massage is the name of a family of massage therapies that is performed in Traditional Chinese Medicine. In TCM, massage is considered as one of the most significant treatment modalities, along with nutritional therapy, herbal medicine and therapeutic exercise. Massages started to appear as a component of Chinese medical treatment about 4,000 years ago. Since then, it developed along with therapeutic exercise (also known as qigong) and acupuncture.

These massage techniques are highly associated to the philosophical belief system that plays essential role in traditional Chinese medicine. Several concepts that are significant in perceiving all the main forms of Chinese massage which are qi, jing luo, xue and jin.

Qi, can be simply known as “breath” or “air”, is the most elementary life energy that animates the universe and human beings.  Jing luo are the channels that connect the body’s organism with the outside environment as well as within themselves. When the jing luo is clogged, qi and blood cannot regulate inside the body, thereby, the person will suffer from physical pain. Xue are those places on the body where qi seem to gather and can be controlled. And they are linked together through the meridians. Lastly, the flow of qi can be affected by those soft tissues and joints which are jin.

What are types of Chinese Massage?

  1. Tui na Massage

Tui na massage whose simple name is “lift and press” massage, requires the manipulated utilization of deep and persistently moving compress, repetitively. A therapist address this type of massage may require the same time on one of patient’s part of body as a Western therapist will take to massage the full body. Tui na is adopted in a lot of situations that would demand a team of therapists who are specialized in one major only to general techniques that anybody can learn how to perform. And its benefits are to treat diseases of the intestine organism, pull muscles, arthritis and lower back pain as well. In more words, lavender oil is one of the common essential oil that is used for massage.

  1. Pediatric massage

Chinese pediatric is tui na massage for infant and children below 12 years old. Those techniques are performed in Chinese pediatric massage might be different from those in Tui na Massage because it is believed that children’s energy system are exceptional. A massage oil will be required and it would take shorter time to complete one session (about 15 – 20 minutes). This Chinese pediatric massage is to treat those diseases such as asthma, nightmares, colic, constipation, nausea and the common flu. These techniques do not require expert skill so parents can learn some techniques that may be useful to perform as a backup health care plan for their children.

  1. Dian xue massage ( which is known as acupressure)

Dian xue, simply means point press, might sound familiar to other people as acupressure. Acupoints on the body is simply considered as acupuncture, however, the compress of the fingers will be the major player whereas the needles is less important. Dian xue massage is used to regulate two distinguished acupoints. The therapist will use each of his hand to press on the acupoints whereas the area between 2 points will be stretched or contorted to increase the stream of qi.

  1. An mo massage

An mo massage is known to be one of the most effective massage that can be used for maintaining healthy body and retaining vitality. It can be home remedy or it can be used in martial arts as well as athletic training. An mo massage includes yang techniques to neutralize stagnant qi while trigger its stream in the same time and yin techniques to soothe the pain and calm the body.


Using the Right Foot Massage Machine Brand for The Best Result

Today there are foot massage machines available to help us. Well, not every foot massage machine brand is the best to buy. Therefore you need to research and be very cautious about the types of online or offline stores you buy them from.

Foot Massage Machine

Right Foot Massage Machine Brand for The Best Result

When you buy a foot massager, you invest some small amount of money for your prosperous future which is a sensible decision. When you buy a good massage machine for your foot, you achieve the best health results. What a good massaging machine for the feet can do is to offer the following;

  1. The natural blood circulation and flow in the body. When foot massage machine is made use of, it acts like the detox machine and aids in getting rid of all unwanted toxins in the human cells as well as increases the flow of nutrients to these cells. When this is done, problems that relate to swelling and very poor circulation in the feet are gotten rid of.
  2. If you are a heart patient, a foot massage can help to reduce the level of stress in the body. This isbecause medical research has proven that there is always a significant decrease in the levels of stress of heart patients after a foot massage.
  3. Enhance the immune system

There are different types of foot massage machines available in the market today. Therefore the foot massage machine brand you buy needs to be one of the best. There are so many brands of electric and water based foot massage machines. However, there is always the need for you to be very cautious about which brand you buy.

Electric foot massagers will mostly vibrate when working and are the best for individuals who have very busy schedules. You will, however, need to use a water-based foot massage machine for your foot if you realize it is getting quite dry. The water based method of massaging which is the hydro-therapy method does more than relieving pain from the foot; it also moisturizes the skin.

With technology on the rise, there will be increasingly of these brands being introduced as the years go by. Although this is good, so many fraudsters will try to come in and steal from people by making replicas or fakes amongst the original machines out there.Therefore it is necessary for you to buy from only authorized online and offline stores of the brand you are buying.

Top products

Homedics Foot Massager – benefits as stress relief, relaxation

The Homedics Foot Massager can also be a recognized brand that lots of people stick to because of its excellent reputation. These types of massagers are identified for their simple to use functions from setting it up to operating every single button. A unique setting that they provide is the heating setting that allows you to adjust the temperature to where you feel essentially the most comfortable.

Massaging your feet is now a luxury that anyone can afford. Massagers offer such benefits as stress relief, relaxation, an improvement in the immune system and increased energy; a foot massager is often employed and reused to treat you for the benefits of massage at practically any time or location.


History of Delta Children Stroller & Evenflo Stroller

Children Stroller

Delta Children Stroller

Delta Children is a manufacturer that offers a wide variety of juvenile products. They provide nursery furniture, kids furniture, baby gears like strollers, bassinets, High Chairs, Play yards, Walkers, and Baby Monitors, even Fashion for Pets. This company was started in 1954 by Louis Shamie, a gifted handyman that also has a great sense of style. Louis had an idea of creating children’s products after his first son was born. He started creating furniture for his newborn son and realized he could create great products, he formed Delta Children and started creating the products commercially. The company became incorporated in 1967.Since then Delta Children’s products became even much better with a lot more varieties.

The company has grown to become a manufacturer that offers baby products with the finest quality.

Delta kept on creating new products with original ideas with a mission to provide products for baby’s comfort. Louis started this business by creating furniture for his baby, so he really involved his heart in his works, and it really shows on Delta Children’s products.When his first grandchild was born in 1984, Louis came up with even more great ideas for baby furniture. That year he patented a crib that can be assembled in three minutes without the aid of tools, hooks or screws. It was a revolutionary product that no manufacturers could offer before, and that made Delta Children move a few steps ahead from their competitors.Today Delta Children is led by Louis Shamie’s sons, Sam and Joseph. They continue their father’s work designing and producing baby products that offer high quality, safety, and affordability. Delta Children’s products have been marketed worldwide and have been used by millions of families everywhere.

Evenflo Stroller

Evenflo is a trusted name in the baby products industry that has been providing high quality baby care products for almost 100 years. Formed in Ohio in 1920, Evenflo strived to provide original American baby products for the local and global market. They carry a mission to help enrich and protect families by manufacturing quality products with high safety standards while maintaining social responsibility from pricing structures to recycling and waste management. Today they have become a worldwide leader in developing innovative infant equipment and they keep on working to broaden their market by improving the variety of their products. This company started out as a manufacturer of baby care products, but now they carry more variety of products for children from birth to the age of pre-school, including car seats, travel systems, strollers, playards, high chairs, gates, soft carriers, multi-use cart cover, saucers, jumpers, doorway jumpers, best baby push walker and baby gates besides their already well-known baby feeding products.

They offer more products while keep improving their quality and safety standards, so what used to be a small company now has become a dynamic enterprise with sales offices throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico, and the Philippines.

Evenflo is a company that was formed and run by parents, so they know exactly what people would expect from baby products they buy, also they really know the importance of product safety, so they only build products that they can trust to be used for their own children. Every product they create will go through a bunch of rigorous testing to make sure it’s comfortable, durable, and most importantly safe for children. They move beyond government standards in terms of safety, for example, their car seats have to go through the federal crash test standard twice before released to the market. While durability and functionality remain as their quality standards, safety is still their number one priority.

Best tips to cure plantar fasciitis

plantar fasciitis shoes

Plantar Fasciitis “is a medical term for plantar fascia inflammation” or the excessive pain in the lower connective tissues at the bottom of foot. You may be one such person facing the same issue and looking for some sure shot cures for the pain. The primary symptom is facing pain in the foot with first few steps in the morning. The pain may sometimes become unbearable.
Here are some of the tips that can actually help you get through this tough phase:

  • Start your day with a little and light intensity calf stretching (BED STRETCHING)

Before taking those first few steps you must do some light intensity stretching exercise to avoid putting pressure on your foot straight away. You can do some light stretching in your bed too.

  • Take a belt or a cloth piece and then loop it across your foot, with the straight leg. Perform light stretches and slowly increase the intensity to the point where the pain is just bearable.
  • Stop performing the exercise, the time you feel any sort of pain in your feet or calf.
  • Massage is another good option
  1. Everyone loves getting a massage. It just relaxes your muscles and releases the strain or pain. Similarly, in the case of plantar fasciitis, a little massage could always help you release the strain formed in the lower part of your foot.
  • Start with placing a tennis ball under the center area of your foot.
  • Start rolling your feet to and fro.
  • This will help you in loosening your plantar fascia and release the strain from muscles.
  • You should immediately back off from the exercise when you start to feel the pain.
  1. Ice massage: Using a tennis ball for releasing the strain is a good option but you can also consider doing the ice massage at the same time. This will help you to control the inflammation. For the purpose, you can freeze a water bottle and afterwards perform the following steps:
  • Place the bottle below your foot and start rolling your feet above it. (In the same manner, you did for the tennis ball.)
  • Perform the action for 10 minutes continuously.
  • Stop performing if you experience any sort of pain.
  • This will help you control the inflammation and reduce the pain.
  • But appropriate shoes:

Wearing regular footwear when you are facing this problem can worsen the condition. You need to wear best shoes for plantar fasciitisthat suit the precautionary requirements for the problem. Benefits of choosing the right shoes can include curing your disease to the core. Some of the features that you must look for while selecting the shoes are:

  • Heel Support
  • Arch Support
  • Midsole Support
  • Soft cushioning
  1. Exercising can also help you cure the problem of plantar fasciitis. It will increase the flexibility of your toe and help to reduce the pain sensation.
  • First step: place your hand fingers in the interlaced position with your toes.
  • Then start rotating your toes in the circular motion, going back and forth and upward and downward position.
  • You should repeat the procedure 3- 4 times a day for 10-15 minutes if you want to get good results.


What difference can shoes bring to your problem?

  • They give you the much-needed arch support to save you from strenuous activities.
  • If proper shoes are chosen then they give you the extra shock resistance and absorption factor. This gives you resistance to damages or impacts on the heels.

These tips are surely tried and tested but it will take some time to cure the problem, you cannot expect it to be an instant cure. The most important thing required here is patience and proper care of your feet.




Gettingfat is easy, but when it comes to losing fat is the most annoying and tiring journey. The person who started this journey was very determined and motivated in the beginning, but in the mid of this journey they started getting demotivated and irritated the basic reason for this is they do not make proper plan and do not have proper alternatives that provide extra energy once you start cutting it from the food.

The less intake of food makes you low and you are unable to do your daily work. Then you start losing your focus and leave your efforts of losing weight in vain. So in order to make you remain motivated thought out the journey, one you do not receive your goal. We recommend you the best steroids Australiamanufactured by the most renowned company named crazy bulk is the Clenbutrol. The ultimate partner of gym and workout session.

What is Clenbutrol?

The Clenbutrol is basically the anabolic steroid supplement that will provide the instant energy even if you are taking limited amount of food. Its natural combination of ingredients make it unique and so workable that it will provide you result with in no time. Once you start taking these pills you will feel the difference and positive changes within yourself.

The formation of these anabolic steroids is so amazing that firstly, they work on the cells of the body to stimulate the brain and increase the flow of oxygen in all over the body. Secondly, it starts burning the extra fat within the body. Thirdly, and in the final step it starts building your muscle mass and make your body stronger.


There are multiply benefits of Clenbutrol as they are the one the best legal steroid manufactured by Crazy bulk. Here we discuss some of the benefits like:

  • It is highly recommended for the body builders during their cutting cycle.
  • These are the amazing legal steroids UK that reduces the recovery time.
  • As these anabolic steroids are providing instant boost of energy so it is suggested to use them before your gym session.
  • These are also suggested that use these legal steroids in the day time like before morning breakfast or before afternoon meal. Try to avoid taking them in the night as these pills contain caffeine so it might create problem in sleeping or insomnia.
  • The best anabolic steroid that boosts your metabolism so help your body to burn fat more effectively.


It is recommended to take 2 pills a day and each bottle of these steroids contains 60 pills that mean a single bottle for a month a perfect economy package for everyone. As these are legal steroids so it is easily available in the USA, UK and all over around the world. All you need is to place a simple order at the manufacturer website and by a simple single click these amazing anabolic steroids will be delivered at your own door step.


Best Walking Shoes – Best Running Shoes

best walking shoes

We feature the finest selections of running shoes, walking shoes and Michael Jordan Nike shoes. We tag all the retailers and gather the lowest prices for the best running shoes for women and men. But that’s not all, we constantly update each of featured walking shoes, running shoes and Jordan shoes stores so you can be assured of seeing the latest colors and styles.

Best Walking Shoes

No matter what kind of walking you do – street, trail or the mall, you need to find the best walking shoes to provide both support and comfort for your feet. At Walk Run Jump we specialize in finding the highest quality walking shoes at the best prices. With over 20 name brands to choose from including Brooks, Asics, Nike, New Balance and Mizuno, there’s a shoe for you. Whether it’s mens or womens walking shoes, count on finding the latest styles of shoes from retailers pre-selected for their commitment to value and quality.

Running Shoes

At Walk Run Jump we specialize in finding the highest quality running shoes at cheap running shoes prices. With over 20 name brands to choose from including Brooks, Asics, Nike, New Balance and Mizuno, there’s a shoe for you. Whether it’s mens or womens running shoes, count on finding the latest styles of shoes from retailers pre-selected for their commitment to value and quality.

Michael Jordan Shoes

With all the Nike Jordan shoes styles like Flight School, Accolades, Retro, 1 Fund, Pre Game XT and more, there’s a Michael Jordan shoe for you. Our Nike Air Jordan shoes are delivered from premium retailers like The Finish Line, Dicks’s Sporting Goods & Modells – pre-selected for their commitment to value and quality.  You’ll find a large selection of shoes at cheap Jordan shoes prices too!


The best shoes stores like ours allow you to easily select and size shoes, return them at no or minimal cost and solve any problems you may encounter along the way. So please browse our store, contact us with any questions and subscribe to our Walk Run Jump newsletter which provides special discounts on our walking shoes, running shoes and Jordan shoes as well as interesting articles and advice on walking, running and all types of exercise


Nautilus R514 & R514c Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

Nautilus created the R514 best Recumbent Bike back in the 2010 and it became a very popular piece of home gym equipment. In 2013 Nautilus realized that it was time for a redesign and R514c was born. With numerous upgrades, it will be the perfect addition to anyones home gym.


Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

The Nautilus R514c Recumbent Exercise Bike combines the beneficial cardiovascular workout of a spinning bike and comfortable feeling of the recumbent position. The seating area features several extra touches that will help make it possible to extend your exercise time without adding any undue strain on your body.

For many the spinning bikes in most local gyms the perfect amount of cardiovascular workout. However, for some, the recumbent style exercise bikes are much more comfortable. The R514c adds an additional level of comfort with its lumbar support and heavily padded seat.

The all tubular steel construction and additional supports help to make make it possible for it to support a riders weight up to 300. Though it weighs in at over 100 pounds, the retractable wheels on the bottom of the frame makes it easier to move it around the room, if necessary.

The operator console features an easy to read 2.25-inch x 5-inch multi-colored LCD screen. The computer controlled system features 20 different pre-programmed workouts and it works seamlessly with several different compatible wireless heart rate chest straps (not included).

Schwinn AD2 Airdyne Exercise Bike

Key Features of the Nautilus R514

  • 7 pre-programmed exercise courses
  • 4 separate heart rate programs featuring Polar monitoring; hand grip and chest strap (not included)
  • Control console with blue backlit LCD panel
  • 20 lb flywheel and ECB (Eddy Current Braking) resistance system

Key Improvements found on the Nautilus R514c

  • 20 pre-programmed exercise courses
  • Wireless heart rate monitoring that works with compatible chest straps (not included)
  • Two built in automatic levelers and additional support at the mid-frame
  • Adjustable reading rack that retracts to multiple positions


  • Extra large control console with built in speakers
  • Assembly was fairly easy and it included all the necessary tools
  • Pre-programmed exercise courses are very easy to use once you get started


  • Nautilus forgot to include instructions on how to operate the control panel

What people are saying about both the R514 & R514c?

As we were doing our research for exercise bikes with came across the Nautilus R514c Recumbent Exercise Bike, which is the updated version of the R514 model from 2010. The R514c does not have nearly as many customer reviews posted online, however, it has received mostly four and five star ratings like the earlier model.

The extremely padded seat and over padded lumbar support makes it so much more comfortable than a traditional exercise bike for those extra long riding sessions.

The control console was very large and the display was very easy to read. It also features built in speakers and small cooling fan that blows air onto you as you are exercising.

The 300 lb. weight capacity makes it perfectly suited for larger people that are looking to lose weight, but find that running on a treadmill is a bit hard on the joints.

In the end, the Nautilus R514c is a huge improvement over the R514 and should considered a better option when looking for a recumbent style


Schwinn AD2 Airdyne Exercise Bike

Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

The Schwinn AD2 Airdyne Exercise Bike is a total cardiovascular workout machine that delivers both upper and lower body workout. The unique fan design is patent pending and it has followed in long line of wind resistance created by Schwinn, three decades ago. The handles are synchronized with pedals to provide a natural walking motion.


The unique fan design of the AD2 Airdyne bike creates a natural resistance and as the rider pedals harder and  harder the resistance will continue to increase, this provides an infinite level of resistance. This fan also creates a cooling blast of air that is directed back onto the rider.

The dual action design provides an upper and lower body workout along with the cardiovascular benefit. With the handles and pedals being synchronized you can enjoy the upper and lower body workout or you can put your feet up on the footpegs and use only the handles. This will give you just an upper body workout for a little change of pace.

The control console located centrally AD2 best recumbent bikes is very easy to use and features a monochrome LCD display. The characters are very large and easy to see. The console shows the vital information on your workout session like distance traveled, speed, RPM, time and calories burned.

The seat features a height adjustment that makes it easy to select the most comfortable height for each person that will be using it. The seat is fully padded and smaller than the other models in the Airdyne line of exercise bikes.

Schwinn AD2 Airdyne Exercise Bike Features

  • Infinite wind resistance
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Control Console with LCD display
  • Dual action, for upper and lower body workout

The Good

  • The seat post has multiple adjustments for a more comfortable ride
  • The rider has better control over the resistance with the air system
  • The built in rollers make it easy to move AD2 from room to room

The Bad

  • The handles are not long enough, which can be a bit uncomfortable

Opinions on the Schwinn AD2 Bike

Schwinn AD2 Airdyne Exercise Bike

As part of our research of the Schwinn AD2 Airdyne Exercise Bike we found that there were more than 100 consumer reviews posted online for this exercise machine. It receive quite a few positive ratings including mostly five and four stars out of a possible five stars.

One of the biggest complaints of exercise equipment that the included cooling fans are too small and don’t really work. That is definitely not the case with the AD2, the amount air blowing on you from the fan is quite amazing.

The instructions were very easy to follow and that made the assembly process very quick and easy to accomplish.

One of the negatives that stuck out from the rest was that several people felt that the positioning of the handles made it a bit awkward and uncomfortable depending on the height of the seat.

After our research was completed on the Schwinn AD2 Airdyne Exercise Bike we have concluded that the positives far out way the negatives and we would definitely recommend checking out the best prices we could find