Best tips to cure plantar fasciitis

Best tips to cure plantar fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis “is a medical term for plantar fascia inflammation” or the excessive pain in the lower connective tissues at the bottom of foot. You may be one such person facing the same issue and looking for some sure shot cures for the pain. The primary symptom is facing pain in the foot with first few steps in the morning. The pain may sometimes become unbearable.
Here are some of the tips that can actually help you get through this tough phase:

  • Start your day with a little and light intensity calf stretching (BED STRETCHING)

Before taking those first few steps you must do some light intensity stretching exercise to avoid putting pressure on your foot straight away. You can do some light stretching in your bed too.

  • Take a belt or a cloth piece and then loop it across your foot, with the straight leg. Perform light stretches and slowly increase the intensity to the point where the pain is just bearable.
  • Stop performing the exercise, the time you feel any sort of pain in your feet or calf.
  • Massage is another good option
  1. Everyone loves getting a massage. It just relaxes your muscles and releases the strain or pain. Similarly, in the case of plantar fasciitis, a little massage could always help you release the strain formed in the lower part of your foot.
  • Start with placing a tennis ball under the center area of your foot.
  • Start rolling your feet to and fro.
  • This will help you in loosening your plantar fascia and release the strain from muscles.
  • You should immediately back off from the exercise when you start to feel the pain.
  1. Ice massage: Using a tennis ball for releasing the strain is a good option but you can also consider doing the ice massage at the same time. This will help you to control the inflammation. For the purpose, you can freeze a water bottle and afterwards perform the following steps:
  • Place the bottle below your foot and start rolling your feet above it. (In the same manner, you did for the tennis ball.)
  • Perform the action for 10 minutes continuously.
  • Stop performing if you experience any sort of pain.
  • This will help you control the inflammation and reduce the pain.
  • But appropriate shoes:

Wearing regular footwear when you are facing this problem can worsen the condition. You need to wear best shoes for plantar fasciitisthat suit the precautionary requirements for the problem. Benefits of choosing the right shoes can include curing your disease to the core. Some of the features that you must look for while selecting the shoes are:

  • Heel Support
  • Arch Support
  • Midsole Support
  • Soft cushioning
  1. Exercising can also help you cure the problem of plantar fasciitis. It will increase the flexibility of your toe and help to reduce the pain sensation.
  • First step: place your hand fingers in the interlaced position with your toes.
  • Then start rotating your toes in the circular motion, going back and forth and upward and downward position.
  • You should repeat the procedure 3- 4 times a day for 10-15 minutes if you want to get good results.


What difference can shoes bring to your problem?

  • They give you the much-needed arch support to save you from strenuous activities.
  • If proper shoes are chosen then they give you the extra shock resistance and absorption factor. This gives you resistance to damages or impacts on the heels.

These tips are surely tried and tested but it will take some time to cure the problem, you cannot expect it to be an instant cure. The most important thing required here is patience and proper care of your feet.



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